IKV NasToj

Bladed Weaponry

We have all fashions of weapons, but we favor the betleH most of all! With the IKF Fighter Corps based off the NasToj we are a formitable ground assault force...

We have a structured method of this type of combat. Weapons are made from materials that will not severely injure others while engaged in this manner of play. One can get hurt if the rules are not followed.

We preform at public events, private events, and most of the time just for our own amusement! Others are welcome to try this manner of play, but they must be willing to learn our methods before we allow them to participate in a public forum.

betleh.gif bobetlh.gif

These are the weapons that we favor to use with our form of combat...

For the rules in which IKF uses to fight... CLICK HERE!

NERF Melee weapons (swords, machettes, and axes), as well as LARP swords, axes, and knives are authorized for our form of combat (with the right training and sign off on your fighters card).